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Education makes the difference

It's great to see the added value of the school project. The children speak better English and have a firmer position in life than children who miss out. I wish I could take you all to Ghana to experience this, but you know...



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In 2002, at the age of 38, I met my biological father through the Dutch TV-program KRO Spoorloos. An experience I’ll never forget. It was the changing day of my life!

KRO spoortloos

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The project

Ama We give financial support and personal guidance to students in Ghana for further or vocational training.

The basis from which we act is to allow a child to fully blossom and to fully feel and nourish his life's dream without losing sight of reality.

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What we do

MoniekAll kinds of initiatives have been set up to support the school project. One of them is the sale of New Cooking Bags and Mandala cards via our webshop, and by being present at various events where we sell our products.

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